Olivia Munn: vigilante super hero, novelty pen collector and your mom.

@kpereira I'm sorry. I love you. its been a crazy day and I wasn't focused. Sorry ur broken.

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2556 days ago

I'm sorry. I love you. its been a crazy day and I wasn't focused. Sorry ur broken.


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Stephen_Martel 2529 days ago

Dam why doesn't kevins facial hair grow as much as his chest lmfao

ckaminsk 2553 days ago

"You Got Served!" Olivia's 3rd shot never aired; they cut to X-play immediately.

deegeekguy 2555 days ago

Kevin Bleeds Predator Blood

DoucheBgalo 2555 days ago

I did not know Keven has a hairy man chest. Oh and one of his aureoles(sp?) is glowing.

darkleon1 2556 days ago

oh damn! =O yarg thts gotta hurt haha "TAKE IT LIKE A MAN!"

DamagedCase 2556 days ago

Salami nips

angelofpayn 2556 days ago


Massacerist 2556 days ago

its like theres 2 nipples on one man titty

MasterGio 2556 days ago

Olivia brings the pain 2 Kevin! lol!

TerrenceCheek 2556 days ago

Awww *Pereira has an Owie :-(, Though it was a blast seeing you light him up Munn lol. Munn's got a killer Aim yay

loganbeary 2556 days ago


windoor11 2556 days ago

hairy port a gee

Brandigirlio 2556 days ago

Man he is harry! mmmm mmm

jeremykasperson 2556 days ago

That looks like you got an awkward hickey from either an alien or a muppet.

JDeavante 2556 days ago

I wish you guys could've replayed it in slow motion.

KEEFBOYD 2556 days ago

haha! This is really a picture of with her shirt up.

Arleer 2556 days ago

Cover her bed in balloons while she's sleeping. Best, revenge, ever.

jennabanxxx 2556 days ago

HeHehe is harry.

mallraider75 2556 days ago

To me, hits the bullseye.

Zeronox353 2556 days ago

Oh god! That belongs in the break moment in De-evolution