Zak Bagans


Documentary filmmaker, paranormal sensitive/empath/investigator, Host/EP for Travel Channel's #1 rated Series Ghost Adventures Season 9 Premiere's Feb

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2480 days ago


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Shy_May13 2440 days ago

Oooo mirrors... O.- i wants

EVALOVESGA 2468 days ago

thats very sweet of ur mommy!

flowerlocket 2475 days ago

Your Mom is pretty... she must be proud of you. : )

oolalalindsay 2476 days ago

Is this your new hot girl?? lol Tell your Mom I said hi...

myksbzgrrl6 2477 days ago

O.oPretty! I love the antique-like style. swords r cool too. O btw if thats ur mommy shes really pretty and is that a photo or a painting ur holding?

Spirisvixxen 2479 days ago

Zak, my hubby would freak with that many mirrors lol. If I get a new mirror, or if we move into a new house, he walks around blessing all the mirrors because he believes that mirrors are a portal into our home! *shudders* The thought creeps me out!

Spirisvixxen 2479 days ago

Absolutely love the really big mirror! Damn! Thats some expensive stuff!

aquamarine_13 2479 days ago


wigglez234 2479 days ago

don't break any mirror that will. be like ...... i cna't even count that high.

wigglez234 2479 days ago

cool pic kinda wierd but very pretty hahahaha.

Cassaundra_Rose 2479 days ago

your mom is awesome! thats a lot of mirrors... lol

AKA_Chelsea 2479 days ago

What a great Mama! Looks like your place is going to be amazing! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

nacechik 2479 days ago

Congrats on the new place, but moving sucks. But it is worth it if you love the new place.

leedelcastillo 2479 days ago

Now I see where those good genes are coming from ;) Very stylish mom! And congrats on the new digs!

StrawberryaYum 2479 days ago

Wow, those mirrors are beautiful! Aww~Your Mommy

Jencren 2480 days ago

Really, zak?....really? No one needs that many mirrors. Everyone knows you're the prettiest in the land, now donate a few to the ugly people.

ZaksVampireGirl 2480 days ago

Dude that stuff is awsome just like ur mom. :o} And if that is ur mom next 2 you she is a really beautiful person (not just cause she did that 4 you either).

hopeformee 2480 days ago

wow all of this is so amazing. wana lend me some?

heyxjudex 2480 days ago

So, I'm guessing you have a thing for mirrors. ...Where the hell are they all going to go in one house?

CeciliaTallis 2480 days ago

Woow! That is awesome! I want.