Tomo Milicevic


I am a crazy MOFO!!!

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PauEchelon98 1971 days ago

awesome! :D I think I can see jared there xD

JBLeto 1985 days ago

Own!! Come back to Rio de Janeiro !!

hbraica 2556 days ago

You were 10 points

giageegioK 2556 days ago

waw! im wondering if i was there :)

blemars 2556 days ago

beautiful just that the best guys!!! i love you

MAPI18 2556 days ago

Thank you very much ! :)

ladyvader35 2556 days ago

Thanks! You guys r awesome to always include us. THIS IS WAR is so different but equally addicting.

Miia79 2556 days ago

Cool pic, hope you enjoyed the show. I can't wait to hear you play in live!

PtitBout 2557 days ago

hm strange taken picbut nice to see you guys & new symbol on stage !

Ela178 2557 days ago

This pic looks amazing. I love it. Thanks for sharing this pics from the Conan Tonightshow. I hope u had much fun to perfoming. :o) TC

VladaFromRussia 2557 days ago

I love you guys =*

Soffumo 2557 days ago

Nice pic! (:

puprocker5 2557 days ago

Practice makes perfect, your going to the right path already... Ready to watch you guys, 1 more guest left & you will be up there!

hEATHER_nVA 2557 days ago

sweet =)

ChristineMDE 2557 days ago

just set it to record so i can just fastforwad to you guys. :)

Michelle1174 2557 days ago

I was there for the show!! Andnow I'm going to burn it to dvd

Nature_Nut37 2557 days ago

Dangit!!!! I don't have cable!

ms_delta_dawn 2557 days ago

i hope it's on utube soon cos i have to get to bed. im really excited about this album!

becaleal30STM 2557 days ago

OMG! I can't wait to see the show in Brazil!

mayawildsides 2557 days ago

can't wait!!