Tomo Milicevic


I am a crazy MOFO!!!

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AnnOsadchaya 1769 days ago

This Shann?

KasiaMarsPoland 1832 days ago

spectacular :)

hbraica 1832 days ago

My Sweet Shan very good

judithcrio 1832 days ago

Impressive, very impressive...

blemars 1832 days ago

shannimal!!!! damn so great!!

PtitBout 1832 days ago

here we are, the drum with echelon pics!really love the drums! thank tomo for sharing!

Ale_Echelon 1832 days ago


Ela178 1832 days ago

It looks so amazing. :o)

puprocker5 1832 days ago

Watching Conan o'Brien now, cant wait to see you guys perform. It's just minutes away, woot!

Tarsha16 1832 days ago

I wanna touch it!

Voxyldy 1832 days ago

Thanks for sharing! What a beautiful drum set.

JennieTerry 1832 days ago

nice drum set

dazzledbyjack81 1833 days ago

hi shannon ♥

echelonokie 1833 days ago

The kit looks bigger here than in Baton Rouge.

30stmLUVER 1833 days ago

Nice pic. Wishing i was there :( have fun ^-^

LuRaawr 1833 days ago

Beautiful photo :) Thank you Tomo for the pic :) Love you guys (L)

Jenmico 1833 days ago

;-) thanks

nevercoffeeless 1833 days ago

Just great. Thank you for the pic Tomo ;)

ontheground09 1833 days ago

Can't wait to watch the show!

Velvet__Queen 1833 days ago

All I wanted now is to watch the show!