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serenabean 2282 days ago

I made a snow woman. They should get married, before the spring. People will think it is a shotgun wedding

AtomicShroom 2284 days ago

Nice snowman. I wish I had a straw.

theherbalist 2288 days ago

that's a badass snowperson - the g loves make it

TiffanyBJenks 2305 days ago

Please Play With Me, Will You Please

teakoman 2313 days ago

Happy New Year I wonder if I can build a snowguy out of sand? Hope 2009 is great to you and yours. Steven

movinwine2tears 2318 days ago

All I've wanted all week was snow. And a snow-lady. But then it was 71 degrees in Indiana yesterday....I just don't know what to bitch about.

DrMickeyWitte 2324 days ago

aww! he could've been friends with my snowman!! just posted a pic of him on my twitter! ;) your snowman is way more stylin' than mine though! haha..

believebeloved 2327 days ago

Take him on tour with ya! Makes a cool stage prop. :)

alostcrayon 2327 days ago

I'm impressed! This must have taken a lot of work to get the snow to stick, considering how dry this snowfall has been! : )

ve_kolle 2328 days ago


geljam 2329 days ago

why'd you puncture his eyes with the shades? LOL

rapunzel1 2329 days ago

If you come to Illinois, you can build lots of snowmen. Very cool!

jamondmb 2329 days ago

i love it dave!!

jeanderby 2329 days ago

def a cool snowman, haha get it?

Gr8tfulDayz 2330 days ago

Now THAT is a fine lookin snowman, my friend!

jillsey 2330 days ago

nice snowman Dave! can't wait to see you in East Rutherford! ;-)

alethea41 2330 days ago

Kawaiiiiii! (aka cute not to be confused w/ kawai) Happy Holidays!!

Ackoustic41 2331 days ago

Is it wearing a moo-moo?!

CPollnow7 2331 days ago

did he melt yet? :(

dancingmelissa 2331 days ago