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Please vote: New round jersey @teamradioshack left to right 1-4, @lancearmstrong

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2556 days ago

Please vote: New round jersey left to right 1-4,


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wiganwheelers 2529 days ago

number 3 or 1

liversedge 2549 days ago

thats one hell of a 4 man TT team! kinda reminds me of Synchronicity the film ;-)

panina 2551 days ago's the perfect number!

MarathonerNYC 2553 days ago

1 or 3 but add a line horizontally above and below the circle with the R in it, will give it a better look

NatalieCoomans 2553 days ago

3 or 1 (then 4-2) but put the circle under the word RadioShack, it ruins the whole shirt.

chamaelen 2553 days ago

number 3.

ed_delosh 2553 days ago


TonyLPowell 2553 days ago

#3. don't care for the rest.

ITRIUSA 2554 days ago

#1 and #3 look pretty sharp.

mikent 2554 days ago


GrizzlySheep 2554 days ago

3>1>4. Any design, keep yellow circle, or you'll get comments about "Team Trademark." All-white looks like US reg. TM symbol.

pcomazzi 2554 days ago

#3. But how about removing the red body and changing it to white and change the side panels to red. Would make the red circle logo stand out more.

IconKestrell 2554 days ago

Number 3 is the best of the bunch........

srbraum 2554 days ago

In order of preference: 3, 1, 4, 2. It would be great to see that yellow Livestrong on both sleeves though (+:

stgreen 2554 days ago

Number 4, but add some yellow to the circle and make the R stronger...

grahambew 2554 days ago

I think 3,1,4,2

isutriguy 2555 days ago

i like #4 the best but with the darker red and grey of #1

herbertkrabel 2555 days ago

1 or 3

TercioBIANCHIJr 2555 days ago

the bests are 1 and 3 I can't choose one

TercioBIANCHIJr 2555 days ago