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2332 days ago


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Mag_AK 2101 days ago

beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

Kiri527 2307 days ago

You know what would happen if Max and Sade did a duet? The Heavens would open up and the Earth would stop in its rotation. Angels above would be so entranced by the beauty of their voices, they would pause and the Earth just wouldn't be able to handle th

kgunartt 2311 days ago

I'll admit, the first couple notes threw me. But, I won't credit it that to the hiatus but life perhaps. I am so happy she's back. It was not what I expecteed on her return. But then again, how can you expect? It should be anticipation. Once I heard

LizMaja 2312 days ago

still your biggest fan ever...I feel such a connection to your work. I know you sound different because of the hiatus and life but I like it and its what an artist does to metamorphosize!

ExoticMoney44 2316 days ago

Hmmm. Umm U knO waH.h?I thinK daH" U shOuld remake one of Sade's songs.lollollol..I think that woUld be paying seriOus homage SeriOusly..I'm being deaD Azz yO..I love ha..jeAAaaa"pa Pow!! I'm Out..gOne..werD Up

Exoticmoney 2316 days ago

I used 2 listen 2 ur music a lot when I was little #Maxwell, just gettin bak into ur music again, I respect ur music, so keep doin ur thing.kk" Sade I love her 2 musically of course

Exoticmoney 2316 days ago

I Love Sade's music, "YOur Love is King", "Is it a Crime", etc are sOme of my favOrites ..yup

NikkyDC 2319 days ago

Thank God - I Now Have the Chance to See Her Live! People are buzzing/praying you and Sade will tour together....I would be on Cloud 9 for the rest of my life after that show:)

1marsel 2329 days ago

I can't wait for her CD. She looks great too.

Malaysia2 2330 days ago

I am glad that Sade is back, waiting for the release of the new cd

sweetdarlinbabe 2330 days ago

So excited about the new album in February. I have everything she's made thus far, love her! I've been playing Soldier of Love nonstop, almost know it by heart now.

LadyCharP 2330 days ago

I am SO excited for this album. Sade how I've missed you ^_^ "Wild Wild West...Doin my best..."

swandiver09 2330 days ago

Is me or has her voice changed. It seems a little different. Still beautiful, but definitely different. Can't until she tours. Such great music.

just_affy 2330 days ago

OMG!!! Sade Adu is BACK!!! Soldier of Love is BANGING!! "I lost the use of my heart but I'm still alive"-Sade...she killing em.'

toniconverse 2331 days ago

One of few artists whose music is timeless...can't wait for the release

agnew726 2331 days ago

Loving the freckles! Not so embarrassed about mine now.

MiTayLin 2331 days ago

I love the photo! It is very beautiful. I hope SADE tour in New orleans, La,(USA)

ninagrace11 2331 days ago

What a moment for true music lovers-Maxwell AND Sade are back.
How "FORTUNATE" are we!!!!!!

msphillyfilm 2331 days ago

What a combo you two musical soul mates would make on stage.

msphillyfilm 2331 days ago

I am so happy she's back.Her sound is like no other.I am praying for the day when we'll have a Max and Sade concert.