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My knew is 4 times the normal size

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2341 days ago

My knew is 4 times the normal size


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UrsTruly_Stace 2232 days ago

oh hell no! spell check!

JBudzyn 2324 days ago

been there done that...knee surgeries SUCK!!!!

Mindiipendent 2329 days ago

Mindiipendent 2329 days ago

Christ, I was selfishly looking at the veins. I know the ladies know what that does to us. OMG! Oh, sorry about your knee.

msnscar 2330 days ago

I sure hope you can walk by the time you're 40. The physical damage you guys do to your body is unreal. I see a total bilateral knee replacement in your future.:(

martylala 2330 days ago

Gettin ready for the beach in San Diego?

JBabieBadAss 2337 days ago

oucho cinco!

CollinScheiner 2339 days ago

ima #askmexico where some new TD celebrations are. c'mon son! LOL JK kiss da baby san diego

brandonmorrow 2339 days ago

what's your "knew" soon .... j/k child please

OfficialVernonK 2339 days ago

If Only you could spell as well as you catch a football!!!

timbohanan 2340 days ago

damn ocho look like u hurt it on dat td u caught when u wlkd 2 tha sideline and grabbed tha sombrero..... but if ya ask me u aint been goin hard on tha td celebrations.... come on man lol

EZDuzIT420 2340 days ago

should i start you this week√Č

phoebefit 2340 days ago

Owie! Glad to see you're getting the best treatment though!

mameeh25 2340 days ago


KDills22 2340 days ago

Esteban, that's impressive swelling but the e-stim and GameReady will have you back to normal again soon. Those GameReady's are great

dodgetb14 2341 days ago

Delmas did it to ya didn't he? You guys played it real cool suday

pepermintpatz 2341 days ago

dam hope you didn't tear anthing

TDplaymaker 2341 days ago

aw man! Get better u guys got 2 big games 2 get ready 4

AshleeHock 2341 days ago

still sexy :)

curlz_cv 2341 days ago

CHAD im a koo lil fan but hate too see a talented player hurt get better ma dude.