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Any good deli in NYC? This is a test

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2487 days ago

Any good deli in NYC? This is a test


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MBB4ND 2478 days ago

Coach, why haven't you contacted toney hurd yet?! He just decommited and said he hasn't spoken with you yet...

cavsfan58 2478 days ago

Did you hear about Chris Henry?

vanny0035 2482 days ago

Congrats coach! Can't wait to see you and your team in action in the spring game. Best of luck to you and your family and Go Irish!!

SpenceTuck 2483 days ago

take that shirt off you fool

oubearcat 2483 days ago

"I am not Mark Dantonio"

DurhamIan 2483 days ago

You Cincy fans are fools. Sugar Bowl is just an Exhibition game that don't mean shit. Your not playing for the National Title. Get over it. You should be thanking him for getting you where you are.

Phil_Hill 2483 days ago

Thanks for what you did for UC football. Disappointed that you left before the Sugar bowl - but good luck all the same.

Lowlight1978 2483 days ago

Money talks Good luck With the Irish

Lowlight1978 2483 days ago

Rich Rod = Brian Kelly

bealpat 2484 days ago

play Florida?

bealpat 2484 days ago

seriously? You just "up and left"? Do not wear the bearcat shirt ever again. What is your problem? SEC-phobia? Didn't seem to care about the Volunteers considering you last year, but now you leave for ND before the Sugar Bowl? Are you too chicken s... to

oubearcat 2484 days ago

"I am not Mark Dantonio"

WI_Hoosier 2484 days ago

I'm guess if a company offered any of you a job with twice as much salary as you are currently making, you would refuse, right or hypocrite?

MitchHammersley 2484 days ago

Attn. Cincy fans: You should be thanking this guy for making your football team relevant - not only relevant, undefeated. Playing Florida. In the Sugar Bowl.

o2bntx 2484 days ago

Another in a long line of college coach carpetbaggers.

conrail4me 2484 days ago

Welcome to the big show coach! As an Irish fan we're happy to have you. Best of luck in the new job. Hope you and your family have a smooth transition!

jcurran7 2484 days ago

Not a sellout. He is a man chasing his dream. Say you were a 49ers fan and you played for the Bears. The bears are paying you $500,000 and the 49ers offer you $2,000,000(not actual figures). What would you do? This is a great opportunity for him and his

sexxielexie 2484 days ago

And lose the Bearcats shirt! NOW!

sexxielexie 2484 days ago

There's only two types of people in this world:

Thanks, Mr. Kelly you've shown people across the nation which one you are.

sexxielexie 2484 days ago