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NOBODY has ever guessed our 3 kids names. Except this guy!

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2254 days ago

NOBODY has ever guessed our 3 kids names. Except this guy!


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djkarik 1685 days ago

haaaaa lol xx <3

JoeV2689 1689 days ago

I'm not sure to believe this or not

anniecake34 1701 days ago


gigglykatharine 1706 days ago

guys if you want to know there real first names and stuff other than the kids names which are private just go on forbes. shay wrote most of the article saying all kinds or info. so check that out.

MZxJU1CY 1774 days ago

Klynn0189 has a point

MZxJU1CY 1774 days ago


X96X69X 1794 days ago

Shay Carl Butler
Collette Butler
Gavin Butler
Avia Collette Butler
Emmie Butler
Brock Butler

peetarwebster 1794 days ago

he live in pocatello id school dist. #25
it said on a school bus when he said he used to drive one b4.

forevamber 1795 days ago


xxChaz03xx 1800 days ago

Heres what i found
Thats names ive seen and heard

BieberBabees 1801 days ago

i know all there names .. and Collette is Katilettes Real name! theres not the "carls" either, they all use fake names.

neeeevis 1830 days ago

I thought shane and collette came from misinterpretations when they were on the radio :)

Sofi1D 1838 days ago

fake because Shay's name is SHANE...

ICONickTmoney 1841 days ago

Rawrhazelx3: Katilette is her real name, she has her own channel. Collete must be a nickname.

ICONickTmoney 1841 days ago

LoretnBee: I noticed the names on the pj's too. Only princesstard (Avia) was showing. Episode 125 tells

ICONickTmoney 1841 days ago

LIE. Sorry. But it is. I know everyoes first name except babytard but I won't tell.

klynn0189 1844 days ago

DId you ever think maybe just maybe shay is being sarcastic?!?

Hubley32w 1844 days ago

gauche baboon Hi take a look at