Lance Armstrong


7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter - LIVESTRONG!

From last night's CGIU event at the house. Always enjoy my time with President Clinton.

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2874 days ago

From last night's CGIU event at the house. Always enjoy my time with President Clinton.


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robertlinthicum 2863 days ago

We miss you Bill. God, we miss you.

h00v3r 2872 days ago

Fedex and Bubba heading out to meet the Olsen twins at Chuy's

samcraig177 2873 days ago

Who,s that your with Bill???

kerry1graham 2874 days ago

Hay Lance, is there any chance of you coming over here to Grear Britain to do any LAF awareness work, also to promote cancer awareness,you have a big fan base and it would be great to see you ride on thease shores, if its only for one time, there are lots

cerealjoe 2874 days ago

Hum... somehow Clinton seems to have aged but LA not really.

Thinnmann 2874 days ago

President Clinton had 8 years as #1. Hoping you do too!

Konstanze 2874 days ago

Cool. Really enjoy your updates and pics. Did Bill play the sax?

stevekurland 2874 days ago

was he asking you for advice on how to accomplish a historic come back??

cabralteles 2874 days ago

Did you talk about who rides best? You look in good shape but he looks happier... :)

brianandkat 2874 days ago

Hey, Lance...I'm sure that was a good time and a great cause!!! Thanks for the update.

JSLane 2874 days ago

Thanks for posting.

paul_stew 2874 days ago

Great guy! Thanks for sharing!

spelcher 2874 days ago

Nice to support a good cause. Even if yourenot a fan if Clinton, he is amazing fundraiser and sought after speaker. Nice shot.

bgaskill04 2874 days ago

Wow, Slick Willie is looking old.

annemiekeh 2874 days ago

Great shot, it's awesome to see you with the former president. He's a great man but according to me he still comes up short compared to you

Rockmount 2874 days ago

Cool ... did he bring the cigars ? ;o)

GingerSnaps 2874 days ago

Squeeeeee! :)

RickieRainwater 2874 days ago

It was always cool seeing him at the Razorback bb games in Fayetteville.