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if boo boo can....

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2180 days ago

if boo boo can....


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Ring0_ 1819 days ago

I LOVE The Mortal Instruments - it is so great to see a piece of it posted by you! ♥

Chelsea_maay 2142 days ago

Oh my god! I am reading of ashes right now!

EmmaGarbutt21 2143 days ago

Love the books and I have to agree, can def see you as Jace! Awesome!

isserggia 2174 days ago

do not forget rus-fans too :)

__van 2178 days ago

Charlie, follow me please, I need talk to you. Kisses

OpenBookSociety 2178 days ago

WOW! I wonder what this means?? Hmmm.... I love this series and cant wait for the movie!!

twilightaholic6 2179 days ago

OK this is so weird!! I just finished that series about a week ago (which i LOVED) and I couldn't stop thinking you'd be the perfect Jace. Seriously, if you ever played him in the movie I think my life would be COMPLETE.

__van 2179 days ago

Charlie, follow me please !!! I need talk to you. Kisses

__van 2179 days ago

Charlie, please follow me.. I sent a gift to you, be sent a Trisko. Kisses

nadine_chucri 2180 days ago

Team Jace all the way but tbh I have my heart set on Alex Pettyfer when it comes to Jace. He is the one I saw in my head when I was reading the books

FinchenSnail 2180 days ago

The books are awesome :D But I like Alec better than Jace though Alec is gay :P

stargirl1013 2180 days ago

EPPP! I love TMI!! and Jace = Love u'd be a great Jace btw ;)

lenneirene 2180 days ago


Metri_TheThreat 2180 days ago

Great books!!!! Are you gonna play him?? that would be amazing!!!

7Starrchasers 2180 days ago

omg i looooooooooooooooooooooooooove these books!

chelecirca1968 2180 days ago

Outstanding Series!!! Have read them all. The narrative above is just a tiny bit off though....

papaula_sz 2180 days ago

That is perfect, the paper fell like glove for you! to looks that you were deed for him, or better, that he was deed for the you *-*

CappytheKitty 2180 days ago

You'd make a great Jace!

BlueKnightMarie 2180 days ago

wow, hmph, could it be?? well, I love the Mortal Instrument series, if you got the part of Jace, I hope you will make and awesome job, best of lucks

_getoffmydick 2180 days ago

pae com você hehe !