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I like to call this PAYBACK, this is @officialdhough pulling his classic "did i do something wrong" face

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1879 days ago

I like to call this PAYBACK, this is pulling his classic "did i do something wrong" face


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_beatsteak 1413 days ago


ANIUSHKA 1576 days ago

LOL He must really lov u for this First thing that i looked at where his pretty blue they hipnotize me

CassGervasio 1876 days ago

Love it! LOL :)

dada300 1878 days ago

Oh wow...That is really unattractive

magicrainbows 1879 days ago

he looks....deformed.

standing4truth 1879 days ago

Um, yeah... This is hilarious!!!

PartyInDaPants 1879 days ago

and he's still hot (:

alyssaluponio 1879 days ago

k this is a ....weird picture ; but its okay derek. dont worry;
youre still so cute (L)

00jess_marie00 1879 days ago

I don`t know if it`s a `did I do something wrong` face, but it`s definately something....

ddritzenhein 1879 days ago

That is too funny

feelingpiggish 1879 days ago

OMG!!!! that is so funny!!! LOL

kristicoleman 1879 days ago

Aww Derek looks huge..kinda looks like he had an allergic the camera

lynn4227 1879 days ago

LOL! Priceless.. but cute! :)

Izlabeth 1879 days ago

Omg what was he thinking it's ok he's still gorgeous to me no matter what face he makes

newarkoh 1879 days ago

I wish he'd have shot the judges that look on his last DWS show. They would have deserved it.

alyssaluponio 1879 days ago

omg mark.thats mean :(
the pic he posted wasnt that bad :(
its okay though; i still love no matter what (L)

fleurdelivres 1879 days ago

This is going to give me nightmares. I want to pretend I never saw this. LOL

kennethchrislee 1879 days ago

Nightmares much? Thanks, Mark. Thanks a bunch. Ha ha.

IamChantally 1879 days ago

hahaha hes still beautiful in my eyes!

xTori13 1879 days ago

Oh wow.......that is just....Woowww...Major Payback Mark! Im proud of ya! =)