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I have a huge cherry from the game yesterday !!!

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2060 days ago

I have a huge cherry from the game yesterday !!!


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rakellmartin500 2040 days ago


LaSoSexyy 2044 days ago

OUCH ;^(

CIROC_FANCY_HUH 2046 days ago

POOR BABY!!!!!!!!

martylala 2049 days ago

Actually i think you need some of those Ty Cobb spikes to catch up. lol

martylala 2049 days ago

My grampa was a catcher before shin guards.. looked just like yours!..just lighter..

LadyHaiti45 2049 days ago

u lookin type ashy kid..=\

Setivani 2059 days ago

that looks painful..hope its feeling beter

iamCoaLuck 2059 days ago

no chad not cherry, thas a STRAWBERRY hence the color and spots. =) ugh looks gross btw!! =/

mrsmnmdg 2059 days ago

Ouch!!!! That looks brutal! :-0

BfloBroad 2059 days ago

Like I tell my daughter when she asks for a band-aid.. If's there's no blood it doesn't count!

nursephillips 2059 days ago

OUCH! I'm a nurse. Get some Neosporin and/or Op Site on it so it can heal!

Mr_Cool_jg 2059 days ago

That must have hurt

kmaris15 2059 days ago

i'm pretty confident the Bengals have the hottest cheerleaders in the league... its a shame it was cold out for yesterdays game :/

MKRobert 2059 days ago

you looked damn good getting that cherry!! nice slide and catch!! That was 7 points for me too!! Good Job 8 5

unknown7745 2060 days ago


marisssan 2060 days ago

Ouch !hope you feel better! I always look forwrd to your games you make them fun I still remember when u proposed to the cheerleader

TheBabik 2060 days ago

damn, were u all playing on blacktop yesterday?

matt_taber 2060 days ago

Looks painful! Way to whoop my hapless Lions yesterday. Was that from the Delmas hit? Broadcasters kept mentioning your and Delms' interactions. :)

AnthonyS19 2060 days ago

Ew ouch!

philipe_eleone 2060 days ago

ai qe nojo !