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@vinceruth @kristensays made delicious cookies! Mmmmm.

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1692 days ago

made delicious cookies! Mmmmm.


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ckaminsk 1645 days ago

om nom nom...

ckaminsk 1685 days ago

Mmmm... "cow plops" ^_^

Scarfo 1691 days ago

Oh...those are cookies. ( puts back down the bottle of Hot Sauce..) =)

Jackhole6 1692 days ago

How do they taste comming back up?

Peragulator 1692 days ago

Baked brains from the "residents" in Left4Dead2. Yummy.

TandemDBA 1692 days ago

nom nom nom...

TerrenceCheek 1692 days ago

So Yum *0m Nom, *Om Nom, *Om Nom :-)'s

superdubes 1692 days ago

They kinda look like hamburger patties.

TommyRoeck 1692 days ago

i hope they taste better than they look...????

TexarkanaFantom 1692 days ago

You wanna get hiiiiiigh???

Komprezer 1692 days ago

OMG i CAN smell the Kronik from those coookies

Dudeman_1 1692 days ago

sorry but those look like ass.

awalker2334 1692 days ago

Om nom nom nom.

jmralls2001 1692 days ago

They look good to me.

jmralls2001 1692 days ago

Mmm, cookies.

almostkorean 1692 days ago

those coookies look grosser than your vagina

JMartinezdb 1692 days ago

That looks like albondigas, oh well keep just keep lookin Sexy Olivia!

Benham177 1692 days ago

try using the oven next time, not grill

ItsDJSeNO 1692 days ago

They look like puke circles

nickreaume 1692 days ago

those look more like what was in the toilet earlier than cookies.