Zak Bagans


Documentary filmmaker, paranormal sensitive/empath/investigator, Host/EP for Travel Channel's #1 rated Series Ghost Adventures Season 9 Premiere's Feb

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2511 days ago


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TightGACChica 2170 days ago

LoL, there's them socks again lmao!

BrookieWuvsYou 2499 days ago

I like ur socks :)

StacyPwnz 2499 days ago

gah i wana steal all
ur decorations
there awesome (:

AlexxDEgarcon 2506 days ago

Nice socksss.

wigglez234 2507 days ago

i watched that it was hilarious. have you seen jeff dunham i love him he's AWESOME>

kennedybunch 2510 days ago

thought you were gonna go skiing soon?????

Beckie_Jay 2511 days ago

he is very funny lol

BrezziButterfly 2511 days ago

Thats the only thing i watch Stand-up and GA

NoelleMarie1231 2511 days ago

jim gaffigan is too funny. that special was hilariouss. you got some good taste

pili74527 2511 days ago

Patton Oswalt. Try Patton Oswalt-he tours with this guy sometimes.

NYCRedhead 2511 days ago

Mmmm, . I think you've arrived just in time. Apparently, the socks signed with an agent overnight and are going to appear on Conan on the 5th Friday in February. You can say you "saw them when..."

cindyjscott 2511 days ago

Just glad you keep your feet warm. HUGS

sniperkitten 2511 days ago

Did i miss something with the strange obsession with Zak's socks?

shan70 2511 days ago

Geez, with the socks! Maybe he got a secret dog with funky ears, lol

24liveforyou 2511 days ago

lmao i like how everyone freaks out about Zak's socks. poor guy. he's just a regular dude that gets a lot of attention lol

24liveforyou 2511 days ago

lmao i like how everyone freaks out about Zak's socks. poor guy. he's just a normal dude. that gets a lot of attention lol.

kressaM 2511 days ago

LOL : you'd hate me if i told you what the answer was :P like i said, i notice the most random tings (except for his socks tonight, coz you know -- everyone's already said it; i didn't scroll down to read the rest except yours).

NYCRedhead 2511 days ago

*sigh* nooooo, the Dracula poster. Shiny? Hmmm...uhhhh...maybeee...Zak's...shiny...personality? I think we're almost out of stuff. Next picture, please.

paris221966 2511 days ago

Love the wall decor! Bet you have lots of stories. Comedy Central!

kressaM 2511 days ago

: CRAP! i spy!?!? really??? idk lol. evil, huh? you mean ? he's not evil! XD well, ok .. i spy something ... shiny! (omg! so lame!)