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This cake is gonna get baked right in the face.

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2394 days ago

This cake is gonna get baked right in the face.


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AlissaRayburn 2286 days ago

damn, you don't do anything half-a$$ed!

Ishikah 2291 days ago

So my birthday is coming up. Giving you far advanced notice.

jenniferjlaw 2336 days ago

I would kill for a slice of this cake right now.....ahh.

ShannonSapp 2384 days ago

serious setup

FabiOtherside 2391 days ago

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥OMG, So "83"!
Pretty seriously and see that you still do it! Shows how you can be so sensitive to do music!
(I love be your fan). ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

GraceConnell 2391 days ago

who says you can't get BAKED?

ColleenKasp 2391 days ago

Holy crap! This looks like a chemistry lab!! Red dye #10, Yellow #4! Sounds yummy!

barbarafaraco 2391 days ago

OMG !!!

TheSineadParade 2391 days ago

You wouldn't half-bake a cake, so why half-ass the decorating!
you got the right 'tude, sir, I commend you
this is how holiday baking *should* be :P

kathiasalas 2391 days ago

good thing im a cake pro. many ideas pop into my head with all these ingredients. youll be surprised at what i will make you. hmm can you call me the winner already??

robynlouiselucy 2392 days ago

My mom would be jealous.

balenciagaxl 2392 days ago


IAmCaityBaby 2392 days ago

Oh wow!!!! I am so jealous of the options you've got going there!

WhyRabbitt 2393 days ago

oh my god how many hundreds of dollars did you spend on those sprinkles?!!

ATX_sweetheart 2393 days ago

That's definitely a few hours of good therapy!

BrookeKenny 2393 days ago

All this crap and you two only came out with two cakes? Well, one and a "let's use up the extra batter" one that you threw in.

thenthereishope 2393 days ago that glue in the top right...?

MRSEMERRITT 2393 days ago

I own..all of these food coloring colors! U bake cakes? See we are soul mates u and I!

MRSEMERRITT 2393 days ago big r u planning to make this? Fondant?

JMMAgroup 2393 days ago

Mmm... cake! Follow JMMA, btw. It stands for John Mayer Music Appreciation. :)