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Kobe beef where have you been all my life? I never knew I could feel this way.

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2363 days ago

Kobe beef where have you been all my life? I never knew I could feel this way.


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bazzgirl 2354 days ago

Did you leave the little bacon there on the right?

Bozog_Hype 2362 days ago

Whew...for a second I was thinkin' Kobe's beef had something to do with basketball.

killersmiss 2362 days ago

kobe, shmobee! did you sleep w/ tiger?!

Unclespamalot 2362 days ago

Good to see that your realized that the hard thing was the plate and you stopped there...

AlyzabethM 2363 days ago

It was getting massages and beer!

ViperHockey_22 2363 days ago

The nice thing is that they are able to spend their lives going 'Mmmmmm beeeeer..."

MeanderingSoul 2363 days ago

Yeah, but it would still be better with some bacon on it!!

Hyperblather 2363 days ago

Nice to meat you?

jonmassmann 2363 days ago

you take too many pictures of food.
also, i've notived that food is anti-photogenic. it's probably self-conscious.

JoshPowers 2363 days ago

I want to try Kobe beef so bad!!! It even trumps filet minon I hear! who woulda thunk?

caseyzissou 2363 days ago

What will Los Angeles do now...

MyTwoYen 2363 days ago

where's the beef?

mandie82 2363 days ago

Shouldn't it be, "Steak is the tuxedo, bologna is the tube-top."

BlueCoati 2363 days ago

Kobe beef, I need to have this, but I know it's uber expensive |D I hear they feed beer to the cows that they get the Kobe beef from, haha.

AJFreezy 2363 days ago

Steak is the tuxedo of meats. And bologna is the retarded cousin.