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The mark of the bear!!!

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2396 days ago

The mark of the bear!!!


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geeemmdee 2338 days ago

my mom used to give us sleepytime tea at night to zonk us out.....oh, the memories.

BrowNSapone_13 2392 days ago

besttt stufff.....sleepytimeee

FabiOtherside 2392 days ago

I have to 'bend' me, this is beautiful!!!
(U on the 'picture feet' >♥ hahah

GottaLoveCryssy 2393 days ago

sleepytime tea yummers

M5mejane 2393 days ago

mmm! lol! just came here to read n say love ya, and got more than a laugh, got the icing on the cake! The other reason I love you! Thanx John!

vermicious_k 2393 days ago

i see you..ok that was creepy.. but I got thinking... is it really JM taking these pics?.. and there you are! :P

EastDallasAlice 2394 days ago

This one is superior talent and since u mentioned drinking sleepytime tea, I bet its a finalist..

ItsJustEsther 2394 days ago

He's pretty much famous!!

reenyk 2394 days ago

looks like he just farted. a good one though

CharlieRG 2395 days ago

hahahaha why you always post stupid but funny pics?

thevolcanolady 2395 days ago

Ghosts of tea bags past!

bellerockz 2395 days ago


Keepurchinup 2395 days ago

why won't my comments post?

Keepurchinup 2395 days ago

Half of your face has a grip on the situation.

troybrennan 2395 days ago

Ha. I love seeing reflections of the photographer.

Stefanie321 2395 days ago

I have really come to love this little bear! He's all snuggly and warm looking ..

AvaneSaleh 2395 days ago

hmm, he looks happy. hope he didn't eat the cat. :)

plug_ugly 2395 days ago

What a cozy, content little guy. I wanna curl up in his lap.

ChatteeKat 2395 days ago

I use to have a set of mugs with this Sleepytime Tea Bear on it, the other was Red Zinger & I loved those mugs & still drink those teas!

linzeeanne 2395 days ago

Awww. Comfort sometimes pops up where you least expect it.