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2421 days ago


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theherbalist 2374 days ago

what to do?

beckysband 2410 days ago

A cross between a gargoyle and a Mardi Gras mask.....very cool.

joyfuljen 2413 days ago

I would buy this (even if it wasn't done by my favorite musician). You've got skills Dave.

seattleite1 2415 days ago

I love these. Their like humanity twisting around.

StinkyShelby 2416 days ago

You're so multi-faceted - where do you come from?! You're a dude and a half!

Amybtru4DMB 2419 days ago

Show us the picture of your snowman!

Amybtru4DMB 2419 days ago

Those people on the sides look evil and I don't like them. :(

filmtress 2419 days ago

The little one sometimes feel like a little boy lost as onlookers pressure him with expectations. But the boy has forgotten that he makes his own reality. He just needs to remember to speak a new one...anytime.

artisalie 2420 days ago

these are beautiful renderings.

RecentlySpooned 2420 days ago

That baby has her DADDY'S eyebrows.

hippieness 2420 days ago

gotta love the tub. and you are quite the artist i love it.

bullfrog_420 2420 days ago

the dreaming tree has died

flb45 2420 days ago

looks like someone might be in trouble..reminds me of my childhood....

dixeechicken 2420 days ago

wow, the poor little one in the middle looks like she's lost her best friend....

DavesJoyfulGirl 2420 days ago

So sad. Please forgive.

SuzanneMonroe 2420 days ago

I like

Dreamgirl_br 2420 days ago

I like the one in the left... Am I late to leave a comment? I am sooooo sick!

woowooteacup 2420 days ago

Very nice. Dripping with emotion.

filmtress 2420 days ago

To whom much is given, much is expected. Have no fear, feel no pressure. Trust the process. Everything will be okay. It has up to NOW hasn't it. Ask the Universe for what you want. Be grateful.

dreamngtreehugr 2420 days ago

Uh oh...I've seen that look before...