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We Love You DH fans & friends! Xoxoxo

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2400 days ago

We Love You DH fans & friends! Xoxoxo


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Paige3012 2256 days ago

dollhouse :'( it wasperfection. R.I.P

umustbeanangel 2286 days ago

Miracle, your eyes are so beautiful! Love you all

dov40045653 2287 days ago

Love you Eliza xxx

DjAdict 2306 days ago

I love Dollhouse! I have all episodes on DVD. Great work!!

AllHere4U 2357 days ago

I love you guys!! Great Show !!! lol Porn on the cake NICE!! :D You Guys ROCK!

kamikes 2375 days ago

you are the best in this show!!! love you! :))

NunoEd 2377 days ago

I'm still hoping that DH "survives" ... this new season is AWESOME! Is the best series on FOX.

Jspbs 2377 days ago

We will miss you! (2) Love you Eliza :D

Angelus123456 2384 days ago

Do you love fans? Do you love me? ELZA!! Come to Poland !!! PLEASE!

Maryline__BSB 2384 days ago

We will miss you!

malibuphoenix 2386 days ago

awwww im gonna miss you all

affy7ann 2386 days ago

I love this photo! XOXO

Cherize16 2388 days ago

ok so i jus noticed the cake at the bottom of the photo... does that say PORN!.... u guys are jokes mate, must have been a laugh on set :P

tweed69 2388 days ago

You guys are the best!

KateTraynor101 2397 days ago

Why is DOLLHOUSE being cancelled when you have such a HUGE fanbase?! - I'm from London and I love the show! The cast is great and the plot lines are brilliant so tell the network we want more!!! Thank you keep doing what you're doing you deserve another s

emy_believer 2397 days ago

you're so cute together!!! ♥

CheyenneTedder 2398 days ago

Dollhouse is an amazing show that I do hope someone picks up.

AdrianMoore79 2398 days ago

perfect. a cake each.

cruzman_01 2399 days ago

Will miss you guys..but will keep an eye out for the show on DVD.. ;-)

moonpiepudding 2399 days ago

Yes that cake does indeed say PORN