Miracle Laurie


Actress, Best known for Mellie/November/Madeline on DOLLHOUSE

We got em' and we love u!

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2512 days ago

We got em' and we love u!


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seekmefindme 2512 days ago

Hope they tasted good too;)

Cindymealer 2512 days ago

Dollhouse's fans version of "Emmys"!! They're beautiful :)

IonHawk 2512 days ago

There are 3 flowers in a vase...the 3rd one...is green :D

KinoSupremo 2512 days ago

are those carrots on the middle cake? medicinal carrots?

nonnymouse_ 2512 days ago

The one in the middle reads "Dollhouse" and "Thank you for always being your best"

(I know, because that was my suggestion that they went with) :)

youfoundben 2512 days ago

P.S. The white cake with red flowers on it says "PORN!" and the other one says "I could eat that word." Lots of love for Adelle!

csi_spy 2512 days ago

Cakes! And the binder is on the table! Hee.

MattMitovich 2512 days ago

Arranged like the sleep pods - love it!

ohwoops 2512 days ago

Yum! You guys deserve it! What do the two cakes on the far side and the one in the middle say?

youfoundben 2512 days ago

They turned out great! Hope you guys have fun looking through the binder!:)

BlissfulMadness 2512 days ago

Er. Six cakes! I need to be imprinted with some basic math skills.

BlissfulMadness 2512 days ago

"Maybe there'll be cake." And lo, there was not just one cake, but five!

okelay 2512 days ago

the cakes look great! is that the binder on the other table?

Sizes 2512 days ago

Awe. That's sweet. :) Props to the fans that did that! :D

KinoSupremo 2512 days ago

i can see 3 flowers in a vase, maybe there'll be cake and inappropriate starches, what do the other 3 say/have?

MandyyPorto 2512 days ago

omg thats awesome! loveyou M.