Zak Bagans


Documentary filmmaker, paranormal sensitive/empath/investigator, Host/EP for Travel Channel's #1 rated Series Ghost Adventures Season 9 Premiere's Feb

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1690 days ago


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JessaNightshade 1595 days ago

haha allways watch this so I dont forget ghost adventures

ShawtyMaynee 1647 days ago

heehee i love man vs. food

ShawtyMaynee 1647 days ago

heehee i love man vs. food

yeehawcountry 1658 days ago

i only watch travel channel wen u guys r on... man vs food isnt enough thrill for me

kidzhottopics 1661 days ago

wtf its adam my mom says shes going to marry adam MAN VS FOOD TODAY MAN WON!!!!

CharKuhtz 1662 days ago

LOVE LOVE love Adam!

oO_Shiny 1671 days ago

we have the same TV haha!

iluvGac19 1674 days ago

your livingroom kind of scares me

AlexxDEgarcon 1682 days ago

Yourr livingroomm makes me madd. :/

wigglez234 1683 days ago

i want his job ilove food. hotel motel.

Beckie_Jay 1687 days ago

I enjoy his show lol he's a funny dude sometimes!!! :P

lauraluvsGAC23 1687 days ago

I saw this one in HD of course. MANVFOOD ROCKS

purebloodfanpir 1689 days ago

if i went to market district 2day i would've meet him

Traceuses333 1689 days ago

I agree with everyone ladyathame and oneeyedrobot, you guys should do a show together!!

JokersHenchman 1690 days ago

That show always makes me hungrey! :P

nacechik 1690 days ago

I'm 110 lbs. and I can put some food away, but Adam is unbelievable, he must have one hell of a stomach capacity.

ObNoXuS 1690 days ago

I love this show! Its a great warm up to GA. Its a whole lotta food and then a whole lotta "lets get the f outta here!" lol

LuciferRisin666 1690 days ago

adam richman is the shiznet

KweenKim 1690 days ago

Man, that dude eats some hot shit!! I always see the glass of milk on the side...

KelleyAnn89 1690 days ago

loved the show tonight it's funny that Nick is the only one that hasn't changed much lol