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Undead fans probably already noticed but I updated the "Undead Terror" items. I'm much happier with their looks now.

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2187 days ago

Undead fans probably already noticed but I updated the "Undead Terror" items. I'm much happier with their looks now.


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FLAM1N 1476 days ago

love that sword

MrXoLL 2110 days ago

i dont like the new version special on the Sword :( i like the old version"!!!

neora5 2163 days ago

Matriarch's Cloak is a cc cape that drops from Aisha's Drake in the Frozen Northlands

AQWUser 2177 days ago

the cape from the war, can you make it so when you run with the cape on, the cape stays split in half like it is when standing?

thelordsofdf 2179 days ago

i hope i'll be like you one day

AQWUser 2181 days ago

actually it looks like a drop from the war except its gray

AQWUser 2181 days ago

whats that cape that he wearing? the gray one :\

BurceChuat 2181 days ago

Milt, some people dislike your using of Burlesque in AQW. http://lasvegaslion.webs.com/

lord_of_anarchy 2185 days ago

looks kinda like an elite from halo just my opinion but i still love it

God8996555 2185 days ago

:O I wish I new this would happen BEFORE I sold it. But this is a very nice improvment, keep it up Miltonius.

_Loll_ 2186 days ago

I realy love the new version of the axe ,it is way better :D

AQWDrakonus 2186 days ago

nice the old 1 was really sub par

SaidreShadowAQW 2187 days ago

Whoa, nice updates to Bone Terror, they look way better then they did before...

snoegel_AQW 2187 days ago

nice update a huge improvement

_Alethia 2187 days ago

ah i like how you changed the helmet. love it. good job :)

SDF_AE 2187 days ago

What cape is that? O_o

GriefAE 2187 days ago

NOOOO the scythe is so epic that large! D:
can you make it NOT so small as it was last time? the thing was tiny. D:
*holds onto his precious large scythe*

Arutokun 2187 days ago

I just got the whole set! Replaced the cape with gravity cloak for now and it looks Soooo Epic! Thanks for the update miltonius

Nulgath 2187 days ago

Sorry ArutoZeero, I just finished making this cape so it hasn't been released yet. I'll make it available soon though. The scythe is in the Suggestion Shop. It's called "Supreme Dragon Scythe".

Arutokun 2187 days ago

I got 2 questions:
1 Is that cloak drop from one terror and if not, can u please tell me where i can get it
2 What scythe are u guys talking about?