Lance Armstrong


7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter - LIVESTRONG!

And finally, chatting with Chris. "Hey coach, you think this old dog can still hunt....?".

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2850 days ago

And finally, chatting with Chris. "Hey coach, you think this old dog can still hunt....?".


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JayBearden 2834 days ago

You're like a fine wine...saddle up!

dgypsy 2836 days ago

I REALLY just look forward to watching you ride--no one I would rather watch. There is no TRY, only DO!

robertlinthicum 2837 days ago

You never lose it. Lemond came back with a chest full of pellets.

h00v3r 2846 days ago

"Come to me, son of Carmicha-El! Kneel before Zod!"

numptyhead 2848 days ago

Hey Lance. Whenever I don't feel like riding I open your twitter page and within 10 minutes I'm out training hard. Win eight!!!

btmoney 2848 days ago

that "old dog" will show those puppies some new tricks....and wtf is up with Chris wearing adidas shoes?!?! c'mon lance, put him in some LUNARS!

wildcatterswife 2849 days ago


traciwilson 2849 days ago

You never stopped. ;)

leBeast 2849 days ago

There is no doubt in my mind that you can do it!

GingerSnaps 2849 days ago

In the words of another guy who really inspires me..."Yes We Can!"

RogueBandle 2850 days ago

Hunt. retrieve and deliver on eight! Hell yeah! Peloton is in for a shock....

andrewcorbett 2850 days ago

yeah man the dog can still hunt

cyclingmaniac 2850 days ago

If anyone can, you can. Kick butt Lance!

tjlin 2850 days ago

Talk to the pro hockey players, Lance! A lot of them are still playing into their late 40s! Alberto's gonna beg you to lead him to the line! :-)

jakelewis 2850 days ago

Is that updog on the shelf behind you.....

vickygal 2850 days ago

and you dress really interestingly...

ryanh129 2850 days ago

We know you can!

caroviarmes 2850 days ago

Doubts during and after the test ? Tests,numbers are important but the WILL too. You're are the strongest in this category, so .....

spelcher 2850 days ago

All 11,000 (probably 12k by now) of us followers think you can. Give 'em hell!

RickieRainwater 2850 days ago

You dogs still got it going on, and who you calling old!