Lance Armstrong


7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter - LIVESTRONG!

Now I'm suffering..

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2753 days ago

Now I'm suffering..


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StephenRinaldo 2625 days ago

Lance = suffering. if it was me = dead and buried :)

smithwill 2717 days ago

God's most efficient machine... in human form

stevesurf 2746 days ago

Over on Bike Forums, if anyone demonstrates wussiness, we simply say look at Lance and HTFU Go Lance! Nice Hincapie sportswear too...

Kiddsisko 2751 days ago

Elvis is not quite dead there, but he's not very far from it! Just 6 more k's at 8% in 90F degrees ought to finish him off.

seannz 2752 days ago

I can really feel this, "The burn is my friend"

GingerSnaps 2753 days ago

Completely inspiring on so many levels!

caroviarmes 2753 days ago

At this moment, a lot of questions in the brain and an exceptional heart
how long for this "effort test"?

h00v3r 2753 days ago

What scenario do you find more painful to endure: 1) A ramp test to failure or 2) LeMond turning up at one of your press conferences?

RogueBandle 2753 days ago

Take it all the way man. Same look after the fall in 2003! Look out-here I come!

trolar 2753 days ago

fantastic Lance. Folllow you every day here from Norway. Win the first giro and the 8th tour. Crush them!!! You make us proud!!

tjlin 2753 days ago

"Allez! Allez Lance! Allez!" to be heard all of next July after wearing pink Giro and then one more hurrah in gold at the Vuelta... Ok, I'm dreaming now... :-)

paul_stew 2753 days ago

Dang, what your heart rate?

cathalmcdaid 2753 days ago

this is history in the making .like being there when they were building the pyramids AWSOME thanks lance

shawncois 2753 days ago

Holy "F" there goes another Tour...

vickygal 2753 days ago

you have beautiful eyes...

brianandkat 2753 days ago

Lance...thanks for posting these updates! You ROCK!!!!

NVO7S 2753 days ago

"""pain is temporary, quitting is forever...""" LA

NVO7S 2753 days ago

truly, an inspiration to all!

NAS1004 2753 days ago