Ghost Adventures


Zak Bagans, Nick Groff, and Aaron Goodwin travel to the scariest places in the world. New episodes every Friday at 9 E/P.

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1942 days ago


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AFILvr77 1907 days ago

ok im sorry nick, u need to be more scared! learn from aaron. hahahaha. i love u guys! aaron, your so funny! u crack me up! xD

peng20 1938 days ago

You guys are so cute and funny! I love your show!

peng20 1938 days ago

You guys are so cute and funny! I love your show!

peng20 1938 days ago

You guys are so cute and funny! I love your show!

ZakBFans 1939 days ago

I would pay anything if they made that mine into a rollar coaster :D

klearglass 1940 days ago

Sh**t wrong picture!!!

klearglass 1940 days ago

Hey Aaron!! I think you should RUN right about now!!! Just drop your camera and RUUUNNN!!

purebloodfanpir 1940 days ago


nikolew1 1940 days ago

Did Zak fart again...???LOL

DiolindaSali 1941 days ago

thats so cute

myksbzgrrl6 1941 days ago

nice one! um... where is Z???

BiEbErFaN_4_eva 1941 days ago

lol loved this episode

JLW_Official 1941 days ago

cute pic, looks like they were having fun

Bomylab1 1941 days ago

Why do you think they were picking on Nick? Why did they call out his name and only his name so many time's? Check that out more !!!

Bomylab1 1941 days ago

My hair stood on end for most of this hour. Seeing what you saw the first time and then hearing voices this time it was intense!

missus_bieber 1941 days ago

Omg you guys are the best! i love you guys and cant wait till nxt friday already! love you guys! :D

phantology 1941 days ago

Haha, You guys rock! You by far are the most daring and true image of a paranormal group on television as far as being the most adventurous. Yes indeed Aaron makes the funniest faces when scared shitless!

5musicluverxo 1941 days ago

hahaha! i love ur shows u guyz are awesome aaron u rock! lol i love that pic! awesome show last night.=D

Queen_GAC_Starr 1941 days ago

I so LOVE the look on Aaron's face. PRICELESS!

spookymun 1941 days ago

Funny photo guys!I remember watching the first episode of GA and Virginia City is definitely one of the creepiest places!Would love to tour the area.You guys should go on Ghost Divas, they would love to talk w- y'all especially Zak.