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Former Drummer with ThrimbleWeed and the Vegetations

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2337 days ago


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CurvedPink 2329 days ago

Wow . . . What a fireplace!!! That's a perfect setting for Damien to b sitting on the carpet with some sort of exorcist music going in the background lol

Ajb1605 2334 days ago

Bloody 'Ell - took me ages to figure out the pic was on it's side!!

Libithina 2335 days ago

Ohh that is a stunning fireplace, those doggies know where to find the best places to snuggle (is that Mr Pickles)

tisjoje 2336 days ago

Beautiful Wossy :)

Paulalovesdogs 2336 days ago


raise_it_up 2336 days ago

Christmas Warmth Swallowing Me Whole... :)

raise_it_up 2336 days ago

Christmas Warmth Swallowing Me Whole... :)

DrHannahJ 2336 days ago

What a lovely picture! Beautiful fireplace & cute dog!

ruby_kii 2336 days ago

aww beautiful!

mynicehat 2336 days ago

swanky pad

HaylesJP 2336 days ago

Dog??? Looks like a big rabbit! Oh & your show was pretty funny tonight, you should have thrown the sauce over Gordon! x

FreekHedd 2336 days ago

Blissful :)

psychiatricbird 2336 days ago

What a lovely picture :0)

cockfoster 2336 days ago

All that's missing is a bun, some onions and some ketchup!

AqueousUK 2336 days ago

I don't like it. It's not very good.

acrooacree 2336 days ago

Gosh how posh. Some people have coaching lamps outside their front door, you have them over your hearth!

Brandfan67 2336 days ago

Ahh, now that's the life. lol How sweet.

Rams69 2337 days ago

Dog!? Looks like a pig to me...

derrickandsara 2337 days ago

that reminds me. I still have 2 get the misses present.

libbystarmer 2337 days ago

You should use that as this years christmas card photo x