Olivia Munn: vigilante super hero, novelty pen collector and your mom.

@paulscheer and I are really glamorous.. Sorry, don't be jealous. We couldn't help it, God chose us.

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2344 days ago

and I are really glamorous.. Sorry, don't be jealous. We couldn't help it, God chose us.


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SPYYDEER 2280 days ago


artlab 2342 days ago

Olivia... 1st rule of glamour, don't scratch your butt in photos. And yes I am jealous of your left hand.

Redsox_Frank 2343 days ago

The only thing that could make your dress better in this pic, is if it was wet....also, is that guy wearing a toupee

Scarfo 2343 days ago

Looks like a promo to a new 007 James Bond Film.

Hindesite 2343 days ago

Uhhh... Alright I guess if you use Autopager and leave a comment a couple pages down it goes to the first page that loaded... xD
Ignore the "not wearing a top" comment. >_>

Hindesite 2343 days ago

Wow, you really look like you're not wearing a top, Olivia. o_o

cgBalu 2343 days ago


pop_twaddle 2343 days ago

Hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, I don't care what bitches say. I don't even look their way http://bit.ly/9XXoT

Brice_J 2344 days ago

It may be hard to fathom how sultry Olivia is in any/every pic b/c they are the chosen ones, & you are not.

angelofpayn 2344 days ago

Is her finger deep enough?

madhi19 2344 days ago

I love white dress because under the right lights it almost transparent! lolll

TravisTD30 2344 days ago

You look so good in that dress

thisisjohnbook 2344 days ago

"sultry look"? Looks like her okole is itchy, WTF you talkin' about?

Jay6Seven83 2344 days ago

Looks like you're ready for Homecoming!

TerrenceCheek 2344 days ago

*Absolutely Winsome :-)'s

Justin_of_A 2344 days ago


Brice_J 2344 days ago

I love it when you have that sultry look in your eye... ;)

awalker2334 2344 days ago

You love marvelous!

ChristianWhy 2344 days ago

Glamorous? Yes. Chosen by God? Maybe. Jealous? Only a little ;). But Olivia...E-A-T! And keep it down...

goodboyo 2344 days ago

Is there a nearby fountain you can jump in and take another pic?? LOL