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2423 days ago



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Ettiensita 2421 days ago

OMG vicki!!! tthis is amazing!!! :D

Velvet__Queen 2423 days ago

Very nice!

bolthousevanna 2423 days ago


Lost_in_ourself 2423 days ago

Awww it's sweet that Tomo found it and it was the first one. Your cover looks awesome

marlenemythra 2423 days ago

Amazing!!!! We are so excited =D

AnnaSavina 2423 days ago

I so like!

PerAsperaEtMars 2423 days ago

Very good Vicky =D

Believer30 2423 days ago

Aw! So cool!!! Now: if you're in the store, how many people do you think will look at the cover, then you, then ask for autographs? :)) Could be fun!! lol

Pamela_Tweets 2423 days ago

hey vic this is sooo cool! where are your eyeballs??? you have great skin and pretty features - bet your eyes are pretty too :)

Rix_S 2423 days ago

Cuuuute!! "war in the eyes")

CHRISTIE__ 2423 days ago

I'm excited to see who all made it!!! :) Weird seeing your face on a cover!? Dunno if I made it!

ainolina 2423 days ago

Must feel surreal to see yourself on an album cover! =) I wasn't brave enough, lol

WalterKnuckles 2423 days ago

:D Amazing! i really wanted to have one w/my face but i could sent it :/ and i my country just gonna sell the CD w/ the tiger cover

CaeloDemissa 2423 days ago

Aw as I already told you: me wants it xD

aliehs_pro 2423 days ago

Oh my... is awesome!