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Barbie is in the studio...!

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2070 days ago

Barbie is in the studio...!


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VannaBlack87 2069 days ago

how cute!! i love it!

ak_krass 2069 days ago

are they selling these?! HAVE TO HAVE ONE

tallulahsmom 2069 days ago

It's Rachel's Mini-Me

PrinceJuicy 2070 days ago

they HAAAAAAVE to market this!!!!

ChefGinas 2070 days ago

Adorable! Barbie Needs a Martini! www.chefginas.com

DrAnnabel 2070 days ago

Love it Rachel! I'm dying!!!

xxnavi 2070 days ago

i'm gagging..the one w/ the fur vest is SO you

peytonscougar 2070 days ago

Loves it!! Don't you just wanna die

Mattorexia 2070 days ago

THIS IS SO AMAHZ! I want one

katykk 2070 days ago

just missing the giant coffee cup, Blackberry & The Brad Doll of course!
Love it. so cute. I have your Rachel Zoe Brand wine colored sunglasses , BTW-I diiiie for them!

stefni_boo 2070 days ago

loving it.

PolMoreno 2070 days ago

Soooo Rachel?? Birkin bag , fur, ??? (:

JulioCortez 2070 days ago


oahumama 2070 days ago

LOL! Every stylist should have one!

Maddie_Monroe 2070 days ago

Love the Rachel Zoe Barbie!

PRL10 2070 days ago

Little Rachel with the Birkin and all.

queenEbytch 2070 days ago

im 24 and still want it!!!

DomesticP 2070 days ago

Hilarious! But wait, where is Botox Barbie?