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1886 days ago


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retiredassasin 1876 days ago

Kiss ass Dana lol so here is an idea why don't you use that rifle to beat Dan Herderson in the head with it and make him come back to the big leagues lol!!

bethmoulton 1884 days ago

*sigh*....oh Dana, how I love thee...

Nabroc 1885 days ago

Happy hunting

northend123 1886 days ago

yea Dana kill some pigs!! The next new thing in the UFC right here right now.. Looking to hook up with Delograte.. Keep you posted!!

phil_brand 1886 days ago

Nice one Dana, for the job you do mate a bit of "hide n' go kill" is well earned :) and rubbing shoulders with royalty pffft! just a bonus LOL!

AusLoco 1886 days ago

So you essentially have the single coolest life on planet earth. That'd explain why sleep is over rated. Continue the global domination!

miltonmachine 1886 days ago

Quality chief, very jealous!!

rickbanks2003 1886 days ago

dana ur the fucking man

Yasooriness 1886 days ago

Why couldn't we have Shaikh Tahnoon? Instead we got shitty F1, which no one really cares about! Yeah, I'm from Bahrain.

davidgoewey 1886 days ago

Hunting with His Highness Sheikh Tahnoon Bin Zayed Al Nahyan. Be sure to wish him and the UAE a Happy 38th National Day.

Challenger1970 1886 days ago

Goog luck

EliasFilho 1886 days ago

very nice!!

srobins72 1886 days ago

After the hunt, show us the animal! go get them tiger!lol