Dana White



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2428 days ago


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DavidWarren2012 2427 days ago

Beware of lying boars

MattPhillips22 2427 days ago

taking a page out of Sarah Palins book?

danreddish 2427 days ago

Do u Lot eVer do any work?!

nealkenny 2428 days ago

you should attach a mini gun to that thing and have a real good days hunting!

epicthreads 2428 days ago

those things scare me! ha.

killerkong1 2428 days ago

damn...I love it

Sal4ro 2428 days ago

Wow.....hope Chucks not flying that thing

akaFenikkusu 2428 days ago


leorap 2428 days ago

Not bad! A fun way to travel I'm sure!

srobins72 2428 days ago

Rock that shit! I have been and its awesome, youll have a blast. Usually the pilot will take you through some crazy moves getting there. Good luck Brotha

Allencrouch 2428 days ago

or is that part of it? :-)

Allencrouch 2428 days ago

I likes how you roll! what happened to the prison break for lee Murray? lol