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Tailgunner Jericho

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2068 days ago

Tailgunner Jericho


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IAmJericholic 2023 days ago

the eye of the tiger lol

hinahardy 2024 days ago

i like your eyes (H)

anaecheagaray 2026 days ago

U.U you ayess (L)

Happenstance3 2064 days ago

Wow!! Great pic...still wearing the necklace...very HOT!!

BellaDonnaRayne 2065 days ago

Why so serious?

RGzer0 2065 days ago

Call the insurgents hypocrites and liars and germ incubators! :D

freestaterevolt 2066 days ago

Awesome! Way to go Jericho- I know the troops really appreciate it! Y2K!!!

DeadTurkeyTweet 2066 days ago

t y for being there with the troops.

wrasslerxgirl 2066 days ago

Great shot. You look so serious like you know what you are doing :]

ItsMarnus 2066 days ago


hopeformee 2066 days ago

oh how demonic of you.

jericho4life 2066 days ago

You looks so sexy Chris.

GaaraQ8 2066 days ago

come visit me in kuwait :-D

jericho4life 2066 days ago

Chris you are so sexy what a handsome man.

FlyinMintBunny 2066 days ago

Tropic Thunda?? =D

TD1982 2067 days ago

In this pic you're so sexy :p

StefIcePrincess 2067 days ago

Oh my god, perfect. Dolph Ziggler would say, of course not say I, would be: You are perfection.

BethkJohnson 2067 days ago

Lookin' Good!!! I hope I never see you comin at me in a tank!!! Just Sayin!

NotEdKaul 2067 days ago

go get em Iceman

LauJerichoholic 2067 days ago

omg, you look really cool, ready for the battle!