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Team Beard

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2606 days ago

Team Beard


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RJ_Acosta 2558 days ago

GO team beard!

IAmJericholic 2562 days ago

haha team beard! but a few dont got beards! o well

CookievsMonster 2586 days ago

Yeah!Chris your smile is awesome:)

CUDpwns 2602 days ago

Team Beard FTW!

IAmStaka 2602 days ago

flawless picture!

RKOViperFan 2602 days ago alicia...wait sure this aint like team rambo lol..

rhguille 2602 days ago

Haha Nice photo! Thanks Eve ;-)

Lita_Dumas 2602 days ago


Happenstance3 2603 days ago

Awesome pic and you're smiling...beautiful!

Gebushido 2604 days ago

Jesus Christ ( CM Punk ) in the middle blessing the troops !! rsrsrsrsrsrsrsrs

PunkieNeroHardy 2604 days ago

I have to say this is a great pic of you all....i ♥ punk!!!!!
i noticed why the team is called Team

petrovamonica 2605 days ago

HAHA ! Agree. RT I was confused on the team name.....then I saw Punk and everything made sense!

elizabeth4everr 2605 days ago

Love this picture

jericho4life 2605 days ago

chris your he hottest thats for shore.

jericho4life 2605 days ago

Chris your the sexiest man here .Your so hot and gorgeous.

FlyinMintBunny 2605 days ago

*points* JOMO!!!!!!! WITH A HELMET! =D

DEELUVZKELSIE 2605 days ago

Phil doesn't need to shave he's hot with the beard.

marti_05 2605 days ago

That's so great that you guys give back to the troops! They deserve this more that anyone

marti_05 2605 days ago

I hate when people call wrestlers by their real names especially when we know that they hate it. That aside, fantastic pic! You guys be safe out there and thanks for giving back to them!

ienah_ 2605 days ago

OMG!! Punk is so hot =D He's my fav wrestler. Phil is so Handsome but tell him to shave cuz he's better without his beard =)