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A frost dragon I made this week. Not completely satisfied with it but we got deadlines!

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1724 days ago

A frost dragon I made this week. Not completely satisfied with it but we got deadlines!


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AqwAddi 1713 days ago


CharonTheShadow 1720 days ago

Wow. It's the one word I could use to describe this dragon. You have really found that balance of detail that will allow it to fit in with the rest of AQWs style. The face plate is impeccable. Great work, as always. ^^

_Loll_ 1721 days ago

That thin is awesome :D

AQWDrakonus 1721 days ago

milt can u try make a dragon without a big belly? lol it seems all the dragons have a belly

Legnave_FEZero 1722 days ago

Hands down the best dragon, except the Shadowfall Dracolich, of course. I think the next dragon should be an Earth Dragon and look like a Komodo Dragon with tiny, useless wings, like Fafnir from um... I forget the movie, Dragon King something?

SkylineSV 1722 days ago

Best dragon so far.

HayIVampi 1722 days ago

That dragon is too awesome to be killed. On the contrary, I would love to kill him and get my hands on him as a permanent pet :D

lord_of_anarchy 1722 days ago

how could u not be satisfied i mean it looks GODLIKE

_Alethia 1723 days ago

I love dragons - i love the dragon :D

GriefAE 1723 days ago

I want the wings! D:

AQWUser 1723 days ago

I can't see everything that might look odd on it xD. Its nicely detailed

NalokAE 1723 days ago

It's better than good enough that's for sure.

st3v3168 1723 days ago

not satisfied! dude that things sweet!

Josh245AE 1723 days ago

Nice milton :D Love yur art

Alan685 1723 days ago

It looks kewl!!!

drDOT_AE 1723 days ago

Just a question out of curiosity, when you first made a dragon for AQWorlds, have you used a hand-draw sketch ? :P

HancokAe 1723 days ago

i agree with DragonAQWorlds lol, u should consider makin a Baby Frost Dragon pet (non armored) to match the Baby Red Dragon one =D

YenielAQW 1723 days ago

This dragon will be killed by me! I'm so sad... Great work Miltonius!

Dragon_Arcleu 1723 days ago

Cool, great work Milt lol I'd love the armor from this suits my name plain old dragon :D hmm and a mini pet of it like the Stalagbite pet would be cool!

Bramman111_0001 1723 days ago

whoa, i like the spikes on the head, and the chains give a 'rogue dragon' sort of look. the armor is also a nice addition, i look forward to fighting it tomorrow :D