Lance Armstrong


7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter - LIVESTRONG!

Chris "Redneck" Horner doesn't have one of these.

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2723 days ago

Chris "Redneck" Horner doesn't have one of these.


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stevedumire 2715 days ago

Nice Goat!

luigia 2722 days ago

Yup, looks like the car from "Overhaulin"

h2omojo 2722 days ago

The Overhaulin car...that answers my question!

soix7 2722 days ago

Thats pretty cool you kept it and not just a "show car". I like it best just unassuming black as it is here. Let the wheels do the talkin'.

soniccyclist 2723 days ago

Is this the one that beautiful Sheryl gave you?!

maurorizzardo 2723 days ago

I'd take the bikes instead ;)

sashamokatia 2723 days ago

VERY nice wheels! Take the board to Pipeline on Oahu - a great ride!

robertjanderson 2723 days ago

I love that the garage is carpeted...

vickygal 2723 days ago!!! God...haven't any of you Bro's seen Used Cars...Jeez!

brianandkat 2723 days ago

7 bikes, 2 surfboards and a pimped out ride...nice!!! what size are those wheels?? and that's the cleanest garage I've ever seen...

jwnelson 2723 days ago

just needs some yellow piping on the seats and a yellow pin strip and it'd be done!

vickygal 2723 days ago

Ok. You got my attn. Rudy...but I don't believe GTO my @$$'s primer. That *&#! is yellow...Chris, get out your rabbit foot.

traciwilson 2723 days ago

I don't either. But I'll take that one. :)

MJFan062509 2723 days ago

I would love to have a car like that!! Chris should to....

chadsmith71 2723 days ago

stevekurland, we have a big huge lake in Austin, called Lake Travis. you can hook those boards up to a sail and off you go.

Eric235x 2723 days ago

Chris said, "My brother from Jawjah (Georgia) bard (borrowed) my pickup truck", so he has to drive this.. very cool wheels!

stevekurland 2723 days ago

what do you do with surfboards in Austin?

jamesashberry 2723 days ago

Every time Overhaulin' is on TV, we check to see if it's the Lance Armstrong one... it never is :(

dave_sloan 2723 days ago

Please get Horner on Twitter! His voice needs to be heard.