Olivia Munn: vigilante super hero, novelty pen collector and your mom.


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ckaminsk 2560 days ago

did you color-coordinate your dress with the lamp? LOL

Redsox_Frank 2560 days ago

What No Peace sign..aka the asian wave lol

Schuey2k2 2560 days ago

Munn: Purple Pie Eater!

2kredghost 2562 days ago

First off Munn you are one GORGEOUS women!! Second the dress you have on left me speechless..Mmmm nice legs! You had me glued to the TV watching the Gorge Lopez show. I like your sense of humor.

goodboyo 2562 days ago

Oh wow who's the cutie in purple?? LOL kiddingggggggggg!!!

xRaptor1x 2563 days ago


edjthomas 2563 days ago

I see your dress matches the lamp shade in the background.

buddyponderosa 2563 days ago

Weezer has an adequate rock song about just this situation.

TerrenceCheek 2563 days ago

You two are so beautiful :-)'s, an Munn you look absolutely *ravishing in your little purple dress yay. I love your twitpics they are the best :-)'s

potterfan91 2563 days ago

nice pic want to come fallow me

Lucius66 2563 days ago


IAMOtweet 2563 days ago

Nice :)

LobsterJustin 2563 days ago

very cool :-)

Dirty_Indian 2563 days ago

scissor action?

JasAguilar 2563 days ago

you did a get job tonight. so funny. "that's your one fucking job!"

PulsePier 2563 days ago

Why is there a big ass aerial map on the wall,are you at the USGS office

loouielouu 2563 days ago

Asians FTW. Who's the pretty lady in white?

STAYPHLY 2563 days ago

you've got to be the coolest girl on the planet...i would be proud to call you my friend

MEATYBAT 2563 days ago

Oh , and lookin good Munn digga and pretty associate . The couch and table spoke to me and had me out of sorts .

MEATYBAT 2563 days ago

White leather couch... and is that a Target brand all mirror end table ? Say it aint so , go a(big)head George Lopez green room keep it rill.