Demi Moore


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1597 days ago


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Wild_AK_Huny 1327 days ago

That's too cute! The show my husband is on Plays Bon Jovi "Wanted Dead or Alive" I like your version better. I hate it when he goes out to sea..I watch the weather and news constantly! And pray alot!!

LovingKatieF 1345 days ago

gorgeous. love you demi. x

ShellyRaihala 1552 days ago

You should have this photo made into a notecard or poster! That's so sweet.

ANUKI18 1554 days ago

you are perfact and gorgeuse and you are real dedopali ( this word is on my lenguage) love you

Adigusia 1561 days ago

this glasses R so sexi

angelesmworeno 1561 days ago

u look gorgeous

MemoryLord 1571 days ago

i'm 53 .. go look at my pics. they say i do not even look my age. please tell me what you think. honestly i'd like to know. and they are recent pics i promise ya. memory

lindaloo122 1571 days ago

wow, i just read some of the crap people post about you!! are you serious, you have to deal with this shiate?? You're awesome!! what does it take for people to realize that speaking ill of others only hurts themselves, true!! well I Luv ya!! keep on doi

lindaloo122 1571 days ago

You're frikin FaBuLuS !!!!

CarlotoEsponja 1576 days ago

LOVE wanted and given ;)

mickeyaHUSTLA 1577 days ago

Demi, I am truly sorry. My mom just read what I wrote. I'm very sorry, please forgive me. I am only 10 years old. I am a big fan, please show mercy and forgive me..... I am serious, I'm not playing around. btw, I really do think your very beautful. Actual

mickeyaHUSTLA 1577 days ago


mickeyaHUSTLA 1577 days ago

hop off her dingdong, staceybeach. , soooo true.

staceylbeach 1578 days ago

Wow--imagine being so bitter and twisted that you had to take a shot at someone you don't personally know and who also looks fabulous...

kimmamuffin 1578 days ago

Don't worry about the haters. I bet you when they're 47, they won't possibly look as good as you do!

Murrlik 1579 days ago well, i do hope I'll look as hot as you in my 40s )

Murrlik 1579 days ago

Demi, you are one of the most fabulous person in the whole world! Beautiful, really beautiful! You give a great example to lots of girls and women about how to look after yourself and treat right! Look here, How old do you think she is ?

Calicocatldy 1579 days ago

I'd like to know what he/she looks like.

CrypticHill 1579 days ago

or 3 oh boy! lol

CrypticHill 1579 days ago

I gues 1 out of 2 aint bad!