Sara Bareilles


my mom and I 5 years ago.

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2137 days ago

my mom and I 5 years ago.


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Manuel_Gmz_Sz 1918 days ago

Are you kiddin' me!!!!???? So cute Sara Bareilles!!!

debbie9118 1922 days ago

sweeeeet <3

mutiariza 2019 days ago

I think you mean 15 years ago

disch_ 2050 days ago


disch_ 2050 days ago


rockinanna 2051 days ago

Aww, Moms like this have awesome daughters. ;)

kentorbert 2104 days ago

I am a big fan of your mother's!!!

kentorbert 2104 days ago

I remember seeing you at the Ferndale Rep when you were in high school I thought then you were headed to Broadway

radiodad3 2109 days ago

My daughter Chynna posing with Mrs Bareilles

ua_Hz 2122 days ago

so cutee..... >_

veronicacris 2130 days ago

five years ago? are you sure? tou are so young in the picture

tara_noelle98 2132 days ago

5 years?? very cute :)

mugicfan1 2132 days ago

You were 15 years old then?!?

fourstarmovie 2132 days ago

Happy Birthday Sara! Today is my birthday too. Love the pic of you and your mom, too cute.

roosendaal21 2133 days ago

tomorrow is your birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!

roosendaal21 2133 days ago

Wow u are so adorable!!!! =) Sara u are simply the best !!!!!!!

sweetkate96 2133 days ago

gosh!!!!!!!!sooooooOOOOO00000 sweet!!!!cutest photo EVER!!!!!!!!

isean413 2135 days ago

SO CUTE!!!!!!

Nadirarch 2135 days ago

really? maybe your mean 15 years ago... on when you was 5 years old? but you looked so cute!!!!! really really cute!!! :)

puprocker5 2136 days ago

April Fool's Day is months away, Sara hehe! Both you & your mom are photogenic here.