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Pleasure P is a Child Molester PROOF- court document 1

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2490 days ago

Pleasure P is a Child Molester PROOF- court document 1


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RaaquelLR 2284 days ago

You're probably a bitch who wanted him to fuck your ass but he didn't accept because you're ugly, so you're trying to fuck him now, because he don't fucked you when you wanted. BOGUS SHIT!

RedBerry_Kisses 2485 days ago

this is where on this paper does it say anything about marcus cooper

mskoffeebrown 2487 days ago

First of all we don't know if he did it or not that much is true. However if he did i hope he get's dealt with because that is sick. Also for the person that commented that it happened years ago leave him alone your comment couldn't have been more ignora

reesey_mae 2488 days ago

you cant really tell if thats 2008 becuase the hand writtin is sloppy and that seal is in the way

sppam87 2488 days ago

u DUMB FUCK!!!! he wasnt arrested in 06' he was arrested when he was 16. his court date was in 06'. if u read the whole report you would know that. dont talk about something until you know the facts.

reesey_mae 2489 days ago

ok ok ok i see the letter "c"

dezzina 2489 days ago

wth, why is certify spelled with an "s" if pleasure p is a convicted child molester why are we just hearing about it now, its a little hard for me to believe that they would have been able to hide this for so long, don't u have 2 register as a sex offende

JBreathless 2489 days ago

it's not a "s" it's a "c". If you look closer, you will see that it's the red stamp which cover the letter but it's a "c"

unknown_factorx 2489 days ago

Naw yall fools done made me make an account just to say... That is a "C", not a "S" in Certify.. The seal sort of interfered, but if yall would have looked a tad bit longer.. you would see that it's indeed a C

reesey_mae 2489 days ago

you are so right... i looked at this bogus paper several times and didnt realized it was spelled wit a "s" and not a "c" you failed

iambeat 2489 days ago

that bitch spelled certify with a "S" instead of a "C"..this shit is BOGUS!!!!!! SORRY BOO GIVE IT A REST!!!!

eswright 2489 days ago

it means that a child was placed into protective custody. the child is referred to as Maurice (which is a boy NOT a girl) and a child is not going to be removed from their home if an uncle who is not a resident is the supposed molester. this does NOT c

eswright 2489 days ago

this is an order of placement NOT A CONVICTION OF CHILD MOLESTATION!!!!

reesey_mae 2489 days ago

i dont believe none of this stuff… i mean seriously the age and dates dont even match up.. it was claimed that he did this in 2002/03 when he was 16/17 really??? he was born in 1984?????????

bamavixen0706 2489 days ago

to you retarded people court documents do look like this s yall get it together

jayAbelardiza10 2489 days ago

yo heffa drop it your 20 minutes of fame is up so you been served lmfao money hungry bitch !!!

shine_53109 2490 days ago

idk if all this molestion stuff is true but 2 post this mans business with the childrens names nd everything shown was outta line....

cocobrrybean 2490 days ago

I don't condone child molestation in the least, but girlfriend it is against the law to show sealed docs from any court that I know of especially involing a minor child. if you look up anybodys cases, which are public, and say for example a child support

TYBEKELLY 2490 days ago


TYBEKELLY 2490 days ago