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So fuzzy wuzzy and color custom, too! Eeeee! =D

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2188 days ago

So fuzzy wuzzy and color custom, too! Eeeee! =D


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DEALWITHEET 2185 days ago


AQWUser 2186 days ago

@ DT: wonder what ever happen to him D:

_Alethia 2187 days ago

oh wait! color custom?!!! :D!!!!!!!

_Alethia 2187 days ago


Crystal_Lion 2187 days ago

Oh,finally,a proper armor!

RajinRaven 2188 days ago

wow .... wonder what the male ver. looks?

lord_of_anarchy 2188 days ago

by the wayz can i haz a piceie of ur hair? just kidding!! gosh........ wow i am R

kalretrous 2188 days ago

i hate pink >.

Ropun_TSD 2188 days ago

More snow-suits! (and pink!) XD

Robot_Tweets 2188 days ago

Looks like your prepared for Winter! =O

DTAQW 2188 days ago

there's player named fuzzy wazzy. you know that? Hmmm?

n1vlek 2188 days ago

should have a diff facial expression for this armor. it looks like you are sad wearing the armor

Bramman111_0001 2188 days ago

:D yay! it looks like this is going to be a great release!

nearoae 2188 days ago

i wan mine D:

HoneyBadgerHoly 2188 days ago

:D awesome :)

SkylineSV 2188 days ago

Looks warm. :)

GriefAE 2188 days ago

is that ice scythe? :o!

DigitalX_AK 2188 days ago

Should have your hair pink to top it off :P

HayIVampi 2188 days ago

Still pink at heart, Beleen :P

mlp_sonik 2188 days ago

so much pink XD pink to the max XD