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Also, coming this weekend. Color Custom Snow suits! WOOHOO!

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2426 days ago

Also, coming this weekend. Color Custom Snow suits! WOOHOO!


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chokosoul 2417 days ago

War rares? Yeah right. And there I was hoping Adak Amoroq's shop would go rare. :(

And yet I'm still impressed by all of this release.

AQWUser 2418 days ago

whys J6 eating a ice cream during winter :O

budythecat 2422 days ago

nice and cozey

snoegel_AQW 2425 days ago

make them ac's 5 or 10 ac, saves me some bag/bank space

doodooguy 2426 days ago

Yay! I haz enough ACs and probably enough gold....and I iz mem so HOOR+AY!!!

HiImBeef 2426 days ago

Is this another version of the Snow Suit thats colour custom or is it the same as the other Snowsuit that was in the other pic?

lord_of_anarchy 2426 days ago

like the sword hat sickle and the ice cweam......... oh wait that was already releaesed

Jakracer 2426 days ago

actually ropun on another one of cyseros tweets it says this armor is non mem same with the iceicle he has

Ropun_TSD 2426 days ago

Awesome! Though these are going to be mem, I just know it... -_-

Robot_Tweets 2426 days ago


Vamparagon 2426 days ago


AQWUser 2426 days ago

nice your going with the basics but sad there isnt fat pyffty armors xD.
Btw, whats that sword your holding? Its looks awesome

QuestionMarkAQW 2426 days ago

dude. If you don't like it, don't comment >.

ANAneychik 2426 days ago

Will J6's white cowl be released eventually...?

Brega_AE 2426 days ago

not very cool lookin.

GriffinFire 2426 days ago

Cute! What does the female version look like?

n1vlek 2426 days ago

GET BELEEN out and and preview the female version

MrSebi 2426 days ago

first off Beowolve the word is UNrealistic, secondly why is J6 eating ice cream outside during winter?

zimqn 2426 days ago

but no preview of the female armor

Avgg_AQW 2426 days ago

I REALLY need to get some gold, I only have 17k!