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A business magazine rejected this sketch. Wonder why?

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2463 days ago

A business magazine rejected this sketch. Wonder why?


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corroyman 2429 days ago

health & safety - they were worried the little guy was going to end up stuck up the big guy's ass

pgoodnough 2462 days ago

Because Winston Churchill is a national treasure and our most fondly remembered President, you stupid jerk!

ben_saxon 2463 days ago

Because that's not how the public wants to remember the great Alfred Hitchcock.

WardSutton 2463 days ago

Strange the business mag would have a problem with it. It's clear that the money-hating, cigar-smoking Communist (Castro reference, natch) is crushing the poor, oppressed tycoon businessman, right?

Tigellinus 2463 days ago

The denomination on the bill wasn't visible. No real plutocrat lights his cigars with less than a $100.

demophon 2463 days ago

Fantastic stuff Mr.K!