Rock band from San Diego (official)

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2426 days ago


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switchpaty 2123 days ago

MIss guys!!!Come back to Brasil!We love switchfoot...

offin_lala_land 2421 days ago

i want one. i would keep that card forever.
you guys are so cool.

DawnMicheleM 2425 days ago

That is SO cool! It doesn't surprise me. No band loves their fans more! Who will these be going to? FOTFers?? Huh...huh...Please say..YUP! :)

Porphura13 2425 days ago

the best band of entire world!!! PORTUGAL LOVES YOU GUYS!

waterbottlex 2425 days ago

again? love you guys hope you dont get it lost again.

7Starrchasers 2425 days ago

awww man!!!! i want oneeee

nanibatera 2426 days ago

want a \ hehe

Switchfoot COME TO BRAZIL,We love you .. GOD BLESS AMIGOS

MazP 2426 days ago

Great stuff! :-)) Are you planning on driving over them this year? ;)

pambfromsc 2426 days ago

Friends of the Foot r looking forward to displaying cards in prominent place for Santa to see. Tim smiling-always! Love to SF!!!

francescaturn 2426 days ago

i have composed a jingle to express my gratitude:

oh switchfoot oh switchfoot you happen to amaze me
even though writing that much must make you crazy
i really appreciate all your hard work
to entertain yourselves you should draw smiley faces on the

Behindthyeyes 2426 days ago

You amaze me to core.

Only Switchfoot. Only Switchfoot.

sarj71 2426 days ago

that is so sweet. now how do i get one?

laslineasdetodd 2426 days ago


FerryBerry 2426 days ago

wow. you guys have lots and lots of PATIENCE!

bryanbluedwards 2426 days ago

you can hand deliver mine in Charlotte Thursday night!

sdenham4 2426 days ago

awwww!! i feel so loved!! thanx u guys!!

AliciaBall 2426 days ago

You guys are amazing! Love Hello Hurricane =)
P.S. Please send me a card! Lol.

littleowl3 2426 days ago

Not many bands would really do that for their fans, you boys are truly down to earth and humble! Thank you!

dbourdeau 2426 days ago

See you in CT. at the Webster! You can give me card then.....:)

Marie_Ruiz 2426 days ago

yay!! when r u coming to Puerto Rico???!!! XD