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We sing because we can't speak anymore.

Look what my friends @rachaelrayshow gave me as a surprise from @rzrachelzoe !!! Bananas! Had so much fun!! My show airs Dec 3rd! Xoxo

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2430 days ago

Look what my friends gave me as a surprise from !!! Bananas! Had so much fun!! My show airs Dec 3rd! Xoxo


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hardcoredrums 2424 days ago

Actually the clothes on the chair are pretty badass haha!!
U look great though!! =)

bwybuff87 2425 days ago

That is perfection and you pull if off fabulously!

Diana_Field 2426 days ago

Wooowww you look amazing!! :D

CelluloidTears 2426 days ago


WinstARice 2426 days ago

thats faboo! u look amazing.

sommieface 2426 days ago

Fabulous! Must go to QVC now.

naansgrrl 2426 days ago

Please K, don't become another Zoe robot! You all look the same! You're so much better than that.

butterflymakis 2426 days ago

very pretty!!

moviestarmadi25 2426 days ago

ur sooo pretty :)

RLSmuck 2426 days ago

so cute!! :D

firstlady1408 2426 days ago

Rocking those shades girl!!

KChenoweth 2426 days ago

the bag, glasses, sparkly hat, vest (faux fur) and scarf are all from line for QVC. :) ring is judith ripka.shirt and jacket on chair are.... JK. ;)

AndreaBfromNY 2428 days ago

omg that is so cute

dana_ha 2429 days ago

I really hope this fur is fake or part of your new show.
I thought you stopped wearing fur 3 years ago.
I absolutely love you but this fur thing is driving me mad. You are much too smart and sweet to encourage this horrible thing and this industry.

ClayJeffries 2429 days ago

Ha, you are fantabulistically gorgeous! And I can't wait for 12 Men! It will actually be the first movie I've watched on Lifetime. Haha. But I'm going to be out of town on Sat, so I'll have to watch a re-airing of it. :( I know it will be great though.

braghaggers 2430 days ago

Thats gorgeous! I'm so jealous of you Kristin!! xxxxx

DrewSez 2430 days ago

very cute!!! it's all swag from her line at QVC. :)

Katlin8807 2430 days ago

I must say, you look pretty fly Ms. Chenoweth

jasonbres 2430 days ago

Fabulous? You look fabulicious!!

monciebear 2430 days ago

You look great! I love you Kristin!!! ♡