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War fuzzy, color custom hat! WAR LOOTZ, probably.

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1941 days ago

War fuzzy, color custom hat! WAR LOOTZ, probably.


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budythecat 1936 days ago

cozzey love main

_Alethia 1939 days ago

i hope theres a proper girl version of it... :P

HenehaAE 1940 days ago

Hey! We have that kind of hats in here! Yay! =D

ANAneychik 1941 days ago

With a little customization this will be Kyle from South Park.

Nautobleach 1941 days ago

omg cysero's eyes :O

Nautobleach 1941 days ago

hahaha i want it :3

Axel993 1941 days ago

oh can we get an AC color custom coat armor?

HinaAE 1941 days ago

i could totally use one of those right's starting to get rather cold up here in Canada =/

Crystal_Lion 1941 days ago

Looks rather Russian, but nice. My male alt's a Russian-themed werewolf.

shadowking14 1941 days ago


BurceChuat 1941 days ago

I agree with my fellow beard-wearer Drakkan.

NehemiahTheVamp 1941 days ago

going south park style heh

zalroc 1941 days ago

Ooooooo. Good thing im becoming a member very soon, i have a great feeling about this year's release. cant wait to get my frostsythe's cruelty again. This is gonna be great.

Syrtees 1941 days ago

COLD! *Runs and grabs Thermal Energy Myomer Body Suit*

Mavrathion 1941 days ago

:O might come in handy :D

Robot_Tweets 1941 days ago

I hope its a war loot! =D

NJSNick 1941 days ago

Epic... 'nuff said.

Ropun_TSD 1941 days ago

Looks like a hat you would wear for snowy days... Me like!

Bramman111_0001 1941 days ago

ooooOOOOOoooooo! looks cool, err, warm!

McShmoopie 1941 days ago

Need moar fuzzy big eyebrows or unibrow! And/or a walrus moustache.