If you see me on trails. Move out the way.

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2564 days ago

If you see me on trails. Move out the way.


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CILIPinfo 2562 days ago

Christ i can't believe you posted a pic with the fork on backwards bragging about everyone getting out of your way #epicbikefail

jaynrobinson 2563 days ago

I remember the first mt bike I built too.....

brunertim 2563 days ago

If the bike geometry is setup intentionally for the fork to be backwards then that would be genius. Disk brake on right side front prevents QR wheel from coming off under hard braking. It would tend to go up & into the dropout instead of down & out.

jchang996 2563 days ago

Needs mud!

PureCycles 2563 days ago

Super nice bike though. Looks light.

PureCycles 2563 days ago

the fork isn't on backwards, the stem is facing the wrong way. I guess its the same, but I don't see how a fork can be on wrong. Just the stem.

spikequeen16 2563 days ago

that bike is cooler than my SUV!

wolfrich 2564 days ago

Of course it's backwards! Negative trail helps stabilize the bike at speeds over 100mph. With that, for sure, GET OUT OF THE WAY!!!! :)

Teetosugars 2564 days ago

Yup.. But check your forks first...

berndausbochum 2564 days ago

hahaha, these roadies;-))

towbi 2564 days ago

nice bike! and it's SWISS made! ;-)

vit_t_1991 2564 days ago

Forks are on backwards, DT Swiss (aka Pace)have the bridge at the back! So I think u better get outa the way....

TommerBerg 2564 days ago

Talking about backward forks like it's not G. Hincapie... He knows.

paullieberman 2564 days ago

Too clean. Post another picture after you ride.

CrashEnburn 2564 days ago

What he said... Backwards fork can't be too good for the handling...

USACcollegiate 2564 days ago

FYI I think your fork is on backwards.

scsamoyan 2564 days ago

wow! is tht a 29er?tell the set up with it.

ExecPlatinum 2564 days ago

All I would see if a BLUR! I go s-l-o-w.