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Mmmmmm...Hot sign...

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2043 days ago

Mmmmmm...Hot sign...


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ashcrash1 1929 days ago

dont have these were I live (oregon).But when I go to Cali I always get them!!!!:)

hawkbyrd 1938 days ago

Nuttin better than the "Hot Doughnuts" sign at Krispy Kreme!

LadyG007 1987 days ago

Hit that spot late last night lol

bdbetsch 2014 days ago

YUMMMMY!!RED LIGHT!! I could eat a dozen right now!

theantigzus 2014 days ago

they closed them all down in SoCal

Megan_Faver 2020 days ago

I have been to that Krispy Kreme before! I worked at the Hampton Inn & Suites on Elliston. I would walk to Exit Inn after I miss those days. And Krispy Kreme after Exit Inn shows. :) But I moved to warmer L.A. and like it too!

t_kreuter 2020 days ago

Totally worth illegally crossing a 4 lane highway.

janetmclark 2042 days ago


amjensen71 2042 days ago

I've never had a Krispy Kreme, hot or otherwise :( Stupid Canada!!

quitarman 2042 days ago

Oh yeah, best doughnuts ever made!!!!

southernmusings 2042 days ago

OMG!!....Just picked up some hot ones last night.....melt in your mouth!!

SC_Psych_O 2042 days ago

went to KK couple months ago, got 2 hot dozen. went through a license check on the way home. offered the officer one, he turned it down. lol. true story!

AdamHarrison80 2043 days ago


bigred3319 2043 days ago

I can't type my Homer Simpson drooling impression.

RockAdam 2043 days ago

Sadly it would appear we have different opinions on what's hot, lol ;)

sherryhendricks 2043 days ago

Haha... wasn't expecting that. Next time you come to Bossier, La get some Southern Maid... better than Krispy Kreme. I swear!

JasonLScott 2043 days ago


sarge481 2043 days ago

There is some that NC Pride coming out in Kellie lol

herb351 2043 days ago

Gotta eat 'em hot outta the frier as the produce a new batch. They'll give ya one free to try....and the glaze is still gooey! Yummy!!!!

_kirkir_ 2043 days ago

omg love Krispy Kreme doughnuts