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A guy asked me to sign this book. I asked if his dog chewed it. Answer: "no, that's from shrapnel when I got blown up in Iraq." Wow.

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2876 days ago

A guy asked me to sign this book. I asked if his dog chewed it. Answer: "no, that's from shrapnel when I got blown up in Iraq." Wow.


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stratocaster_8 2801 days ago

wow, what can you say after something like that, nice story.

bmgroup 2874 days ago

That's crazy and one lucky dude..AF Vet myself

moritzglue 2874 days ago

my books look nearly the same but just of the many times i read them and carry them with me.
its great to have you here. i´m from germany and a big fan since I joined my first tour de france in 1999 in metz your time-trail victory was amazing and two day

James_Rai 2875 days ago

I wonder if that guy used that line when he handed his homework when he was a kid... seriously though a nice thing to do -to sign his book-made his day no doubt!

spoke537 2875 days ago

I hope the owner was protected by this fine book.

gmandy 2875 days ago

eish, that is one hell of a thing! As they say in Africa.

tjlin 2875 days ago

It's not about the Bikes...It's not about the Guns... It's about courage...

cyclingmaniac 2875 days ago

How Inspiring!! Hey Lance don't complain when its 39F thats warm for us Canadians at this time of year (which is what it was today) and much warmer than the -12C I biked in two days ago.LOL

spencerlueders 2876 days ago

I knew the troops were clamorning for body armor, but this is ridiculous.

AMJColistra 2876 days ago

"Boots on the ground!! Boots on the ground!!"

soldierride 2876 days ago

Very nice comments. Sean is a true American Hero.

volenet 2876 days ago

For those like me who didn't know... It's Not About the Bike: My Journey Back to Life.

abutts2 2876 days ago

How amazing do you feel knowing that book has inspired so many of us-- including our heroes overseas?

jaredp01 2876 days ago

Lance, not to get too far off the subject, but here's a scary article about cancer:

EricLJ 2876 days ago

Semper Fi

jakelewis 2876 days ago

Yeah that is one double hard book! It doesn't even look like a hardback copy!! Thank goodness that guy is safe....

volenet 2876 days ago

What book is it?

noeticfantod 2876 days ago

Wow... that had to be humbling. What an honor!

GingerSnaps 2876 days ago

I'm so glad you took a pic of that & shared it w/ us. Really put some things in perspective & made my day.

ryanh129 2876 days ago

Wow...what sacrifice.